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Melmoth Hall on Whimsy Lane

GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS, my dear friends, to Melmoth Hall on Whimsy Lane! I am your host—the very mysterious, the superbly remarkable, the endlessly trivial Phantom Bunburyist—and here you shall find many delightful items to enhance your Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich gaming experience.

Won’t you join my man Lane and me for an adventure?


31 August 2006 — Added Tempest’s famous and superb mod tutorial to the Ask Lane: Tutorials section.

16 August 2007 — Added FFvTTR Freedom Force wiremaps to the Skins section.

21 August 2007 — Added FFvTTR Villain and Supporting Cast wiremaps to the Skins section.

13 September 2007 — Added Midnights skinning video tutorial, Skinned: Episode 0 - The Pilot.


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